At Uniq Property we create bespoke prop tech solutions to aid developers and agents increase off-plan transactions and maximise demand. Our solutions showcase key project benefits, improving understanding and confidence, leading to earlier decision making.



We’ve built our business on encouraging others to look away from traditional property marketing, its limited and static nature relies of consumers’ imagination and never illustrates the true nature of a project.
Uniq Property creates modern and interactive solutions that allow consumers to fully appreciate a project and provide clarity on all of its key aspects.

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Woodgate Homes

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iExpand Developments

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Aspire Estate Agents

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East Horton Business Park

We are a passionate prop tech and digital design agency. We utilises industry and architectural knowledge to provide  ‘UNIQ’ solutions to off plan sales.

What We Do


Uniq Property are a small team of property and marketing professionals, passionate about enabling projects to achieve their full potential. We specialise in app and web development, 3D modelling and walkthroughs, 360 and static photography and CGI’s as well as traditional property marketing including branding and design.

Web/App Development

  • Web/App Builds
  • Bespoke Solutions
  • Digital Marketing
  • iPad Apps
  • Ongoing Support

3D Walkthroughs

  • Realistic Rendering
  • Accentuates Design Detail
  • Highlights Spatial Design
  • Provides Project Feel
  • App Integration

360 Degree CGI & Photos

  • Real View integration
  • Internal & External
  • Ultra Realistic Rendering
  • Full GYRO Capability
  • Life Like Images
  • Web Hosted if required

Branding & Design

  • Logo Design
  • Brand Identity
  • Print Media
  • Brand/Development Narrative
  • Brochures
  • Hoardings

Interactive Area Maps

  • Overhead Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Display Key Information
  • Iconography
  • Drone Footage
  • Interactive

Interactive Models

  • Detailed 3D Models
  • Fully Interactive
  • Varied Rendering Options
  • Outlines Scale
  • Work with Display Table
  • Web Hosting if Required

Our Agent Templates

We design, develop and deliver template based, area exclusive estate agency apps!

Uniq Property offers agents the opportunity to design and develop their own bespoke agent specific app that highlights the key benefits and information of their clients developments on an exclusive area and price basis.

Every app is totally unique, we work with our partner agencies to incorporate solutions that meet their applicant requirement and target demographic most effectively.


Our partnering agencies are given geographical exclusivity over their local areas, which can be used to develop an advantage, win more business and sell off plan faster.

Branding & App Design:

Our agents are active in the design of their app, incorporating their branding, logo’s and colour palette. No two apps are the same, with agents able to tailor content to meet their client base most effectively.

Our Team

Our Agency team is made of former Prime London agents and residential surveyors, as well as design and tech consultants, who help our agents through the design and implementation phases.

Time to Market:

Working directly from architectural and CAD drawings, our interactive apps significantly speed up the time to market allowing developers to receive payment earlier and move onto their next project sooner.

Uniq CGI’s

Whether you have your own CGI’s or need us to develop content for you we are not precious. Our CGI artists come with years of experience creating ultra realistic static and 650 degree experiences.

Our Team:

Our Developer team consists of former surveyors, branding experts and graphic designers. We bring architectural experience that enables us to work directly from our client’s drawings.

Our Developer Apps

We create bespoke development apps,that reduce time to market!

Our Developer Apps are bespoke residential and commercial project based apps that highlight key development and location benefits to most effectively appeal to the target demographic.

Every design is completely bespoke but will incorporate elements of your corporate branding to help create narrative and provide reassurance and brand recognition.

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